Understanding Solar Heat Gain: How Solar Proofing Can Help 

Solar heat gain occurs when buildings absorb photovoltaic energy from the sun and heat up. The process causes inconvenience through increased air conditioning costs and the necessity of repairing cracked paint and damage to windows. Solar proofing your building helps prevent solar heat gain and protects it against the danger of the sun. In this article we will describe Sydney’s heat challenge problem, solar proofing as a practice, how solar proofing works and the market for solar proofing. 

Sydney’s Solar Heat Gain Problem 

Sydney has an average Summer temperature of approximately 25 degrees celsius, according to the bureau of meteorology. This balmy climate has a range of consequences, including, health impact, damage to property and damage to productive ecosystems. When the sun shines brightly, it dries everything out and this facilitates the need for medical attention, repair work and ecological reconstruction. Solar proofing caters to the second-from-foremost problem and solves it by ensuring industrial, commercial and residential buildings are safe from sunlight. 

What is Solar Proofing? 

In the context of solar heat gain, solar proofing protects building facades and features and keeps long-term maintenance costs to a minimum. Sometimes, a preventative measure is better than a cure. Solar proofing buildings involves coating windows in solarproof material, applying crack-resistant paint to building facades and taking full advantage of the sunshine when solar panels are in use. Solar Proofing Sydney can perform all of these tasks with certification and experience and will do a stellar job all the time. 

How Solar Proofing Works 

Solar proofing works by shielding protruding building structures from harmful ultraviolet rays. By absorbing the rays and dissipating them using surface area density, window coatings and solarproof paint protect infrastructural integrity and ensure that the annual coat of paint does not need to be applied. This process reduces the overall temperature inside of the building too which, in turn, reduces air conditioning expenses and increases the comfort which may be pursued indoors. 

Who Benefits From Solar Proofing? 

Factories, commercial offices and houses all benefit from solar proofing. Keeping temperatures cool for workers increases productivity and can ensure machine components do not overheat. Houses need to be kept relatively cool and comfortable in the hotter months and solar proofing is a terrific way to achieve this. Both industrial tenants, commercial property investors, homeowners and tenants stand to gain from employing the service of a company like Solar Proofing Sydney to make sure their house is not too hot this Summer. 

Contact Solar Proofing Sydney Today  

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