Keep your solar panels in good working order with regular cleaning.

Our solar panel cleaning service is the perfect way to keep your solar modules running at their best.

  • We use a safe and effective method to clean your solar panels, and we can help you get the most out of your solar energy system.
  • We are a fully insured business and have been cleaning solar panels for a long time.
  • We are a locally owned company servicing homeowners across much of Sydney.

By having clean solar panels, you’ll see optimum performance and save money. Cleaning your solar panels every 6 months will keep them running at their peak capacity and help prevent damage caused by dirt, mold, mildew, grime and other airborne pollutants that can block sunlight. If you don’t keep your solar panels clean, dirty solar panels can reduce power production by up to 40% or more, which means the amount of solar power you generate will also be reduced, and increase your electricity bills.

Some people try to do it themselves with a garden hose but this is really just a waste of water. Rain won’t clean the solar panels so you can be sure a hose won’t. Dirt and grime are usually baked onto the solar panels so they really need a good scrub with a soft brush, or proper pressure clean to lift them off.

This involves getting up on the roof and using professional pressure cleaning equipment to remove mold, grime and dirt (and scrubbing brushes if necessary). We use a safe and effective solar panel cleaning chemical that is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, biodegradable and streak free. We take the time to spray each panel individually so it can soak into the dirt particles before being lifted away by our high-pressure jets of water. It’s important to have an experienced company do the job because pressure cleaning is very powerful, and if you damage a panel it’s not going to be cheap to replace.

The Best Solar Panel Cleaners

We are the best solar panel cleaners because we use the highest quality equipment, take our time and do a thorough job. We also offer one-off cleans, quarterly cleans and annual contracts for businesses that want regular service.

Solar panel cleaning is vital to keep the flat panels of a solar system working properly and means you’ll get more out of your system. Request your free quote today!

Solar panel cleaning is the best way to keep your solar panels working at their maximum capacity. You need a professional who knows how to clean solar panels and keep your energy bill low. We are fully insured and have been cleaning solar panels for many years. We can provide you with a free quote today!

How do solar panels work?

A solar panel converts sunlight into electricity. A solar photovoltaic (PV) cell is a device that produces an electrical current when exposed to sunlight, and the more sunlight there is, the more electricity it will produce. Solar panels are made up of individual photovoltaic cells. The problem is that over time, even though the solar panel is still producing electricity, it can become covered in dirt, dust, and bird droppings etc. This blocks light energy from entering your panels which will cause production levels to drop.

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