Solar Panel Bird Netting 30m




Mesh size: 1/2” x 1/2”
Wire Diameter: 0.7/1.0 mm
Top quality material made to withstand the harsh Australian Climate
Aluminium attachments made to suit the solar panels. No PLASTIC.

Stainless Steel

80 Aluminium Clips

30m x 20cm PVC coated stainless steel

Solar panel skirt, mesh, or bird guard is a form of barrier that is fixed in place between the solar panel and roof to prevent pests such as pigeons and other birds from nesting. It is an important part of solar panel maintenance since it prevents fire hazards and improves efficiency by keeping out droppings and potential interference with wiring. Investing in this protection is a great way to ensure that your solar panel investment is protected and worry-free.

When selecting a mesh for your solar panel system it’s important to consider its environment and the type of roof where it will be installed. Long-term exposure to varying levels of UV, moisture, and salinity can cause wear or damage over time if not taken into account from the start. Additionally, careful consideration should be given when dealing with metal roofs as undesired reactions between metals can lead to corrosion. For all these reasons our mesh is made from stainless steel / galvanised mesh, and is coated with high quality HDPE PVC plastic.

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