Preventing Damage To Solar Panels From Bird Droppings And Nesting 

When you install solar panels, the last thing you want is for them to become damaged or inefficient due to the impact of local avian life. Solar panels are a significant investment and if they are not producing as much energy as they can it can cause your investment’s potential  to go to waste. When birds leave droppings on solar panels it blocks the sun from reaching the photovoltaic cells. The same logic applies when birds build nests around your solar panels. In the latter case, bird nests can also cause scratches and dings in the panels themselves, thereby reducing their efficacy to a large extent. There are several strategies home and business owners can employ to prevent damage to solar panels from bird droppings and nesting. 

Implementing Physical Deterrents 

Contrary to popular belief, shiny objects often deter birds from settling or nesting because they are too bright to look at. Use of shiny tape or reflective discs around your solar panels can act as a preventative measure which stops birds from going about their business on your panels. In a similar line of thinking, using decoys of predatory birds such as eagles, hawks or owls can deter birds from landing near your solar panels. Plastic nets and meshes are also effective physical deterrents that prevent birds from leaving droppings or roosting on your solar panels. 

Proper Maintenance and Cleaning 

You must maintain your panels by cleaning them as soon as droppings and nesting materials appear. Bird droppings can be corrosive and damage panels in addition to blocking out sunlight. Nesting materials can pose electrical hazards. Regular inspections by professionals are recommended to ensure that your solar panels stay clean and work at their optimum efficiency. 

Environmental Considerations 

Protecting Australian wildlife is important. Instead of removing all the potential for birds to nest in your local area, you should simply encourage them to nest in areas located away from solar panels. You can provide food sources for your local birdlife in areas they can access without damaging your solar panels. If a bird has nested on your solar panels and there are eggs in the nest, gently remove the nest and place it high up in a nearby tree for the chicks’ parents to find. 

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