Stop pigeons and other pests from nesting under your solar panels.

Pigeons and solar power do not mix.

The birds congregate around areas they nest in, and they love nesting underneath roof top solar panels. If you have solar panels, and there are always pigeons cooing on your roof, you need to stop birds nesting before it turns into a problem. If you leave it, over time they will develop a flock which will call your roof home, and it will be harder to get rid of them; and the mess can be disgusting.

Apart from the nest material, pigeon droppings will inevitably begin to cover your panels, reducing their effectiveness. Their droppings are highly acidic, corroding solar panel infrastructure and electrical wiring etc. If they are left long enough their nesting material can attract other pests including bird lice which can infiltrate the roof cavity. They really can be pest birds. Bird proofing solar panels and cleaning out the bird mess is the only humane solution.

We use a high quality solar panel bird mesh that skirts the edges of solar panels to keep the birds out. The wire mesh is made from stainless steel, and has a thick protective PVC coating. They are also UV protected and so are well made for the Australian climate.

If there are existing birds already on your roof, we can remove nesting materials, clean bird droppings from each solar panel, install the bird proof skirt around your panels to get them to move on, and also perform gutter cleaning where detritus from their droppings can congrate (if there are weeds growing in your gutters this is likely the reason).

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There is no better bird control technique than to skirt the edge of your solar panel array with our unique mesh bird proofing products.

Normally, attaching the mesh will not mark or affect your solar panels, but please check your manufacturer’s solar panel warranty beforehand. This solar panel mesh is guaranteed to be bird proof and provides solar panel protection for as long as the solar panels will last.

The cost to have this done will vary depending on the number of solar panels, your location, and if bird droppings need to be removed from each panel. Please fill in the form or give us a call.

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