DIY vs Professional Bird Proofing: What You Need to Know 

As we have discussed extensively in our blog, bird-proofing and regularly cleaning your solar panels is the best way to ensure they operate at maximum capacity. Bird proofing your solar panels can be achieved using one of many tried and tested techniques such as: using physical deterrents, installation distractions and making environmental considerations. While these techniques can be implemented using DIY methods, hiring a professional to bird proof your solar panels usually results in more-effective solutions. In this blog post we discuss the limitations of DIY bird proofing and highlight why you should employ a professional to do the job. 

The Appeal of DIY Bird Proofing 

It may seem attractive to complete bird-proofing of your solar panels yourself. DIY jobs are usually cheaper than hiring a professional and can be completed at your convenience. Tying cable ties to the perimeter of your solar panels, for example, is cheaper than hiring a professional to install industry-standard deterrents. Furthermore, if you decide to do a DIY job, you can finish the task whenever you wish and do not have to conform to a tradesman’s schedule. 

DIY Pitfalls and Limitations 

However, there are several pitfalls that DIY solar bird-proofing jobs often succumb to. Solutions found on the internet and implemented without the help of a professional will not be as effective as solutions employed by someone who has worked in the industry for years. As well as proving ineffective, DIY solar bird-proofing solutions may be installed incorrectly which, in turn, can reduce the output of your solar panels. In addition to this, you risk damaging your solar panels by getting close and personal with them without proper training.  

Benefits of Professional Bird Proofing 

By hiring a professional to protect your solar panels from birds, you can experience true peace of mind by relying on training, certification and insurance rather than your own amateur skills. What’s more, a professional solar proofing expert will utilise solutions that are tailored to your unique circumstances. They are able to identify shortcomings of your current solar setup and adjust their bird-proofing method to ensure your panels are fully protected. Finally, a solar bird proofing professional will take the necessary safety precautions to ensure your panels and roof remain undamaged following installation of avian deterrents. 

Long-Term Benefits of Employing a Professional 

The long-term benefits of employing a professional solar bird-proofing expert are manifold. Not only are professional solutions more effective, they will last longer than a DIY job and require less maintenance. A single job completed by a professional can save you many years of hassle keeping your solar panels bird-free, whereas a DIY job may require ongoing adjustments according to the season. 

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