Solar bird proofing Sydney

Do you have solar panels, and you’re getting woken up in the morning from pigeons rustling around on the roof?
Perhaps you might be seeing pigeons on your roof everyday. And it’s not just pigeons, you might have Indian Minor birds, or other types of birds nesting in, around or under your solar panels. They can make a right mess of things including pooing all over the panels and reducing their effectiveness, interfering with the wiring and just generally making a racket at all hours of the day.

A pigeon infestation can also have other effects such as spreading Psittacosis, which we can catch from the droppings of infected birds, or by inhaling dust from their feathers or secretions.

Keep the pigeons out!

For our solar panel skirting systems we use high grade stainless steel gating that is pvc coated, and protected against UV. It is definitely built for the Australian weather! It is the highest quality and longest lasting solution to the problem.

Unlike other solutions, we dont use chicken wire.

It is such a relief to not have pigeons cooing 24/7 on the damn roof! I was going out of my mind! Jason was great to work with, and even cleaned out the nest that had been built there. Many thanks!

  • Paul Mayer
  • customer

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